Licensed, Bonded & Insured, NY (NYS DOS, Div. Lic. Svcs) NJ, CT, FL (FL Lic.# A2500098), DE & KS

Mobile ID Scanners

ASISS Mobile ID Scanners are a ruggedized handheld ID scanner, perfect for security guards that require a low cost, mobile ID Checker to quickly check patron's age and record valuable transaction data. A ruggedized design means the unit can withstand a 3 foot drop onto a concrete floor and keep working, important where security personal are concerned. It’s very easy to use, just turn it on and scan or swipe a license. Displays Intuitive Martini Glass/Cigarette Icons when under 21 and/or under 18 alarm events. A bright color display makes reviewing the data a breeze. It reads and decodes driver licenses and state issued IDs with ,magnetic stripes and 2D bar codes from 49 states (all except GA), several Canadian IDs and Military IDs. Built in Li-Ion batteries recharge in about 4 hours and will easily last an entire night's use. Just recharge at the end of the night or leave it plugged in all the time.
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