Licensed, Bonded & Insured, NY (NYS DOS, Div. Lic. Svcs) NJ, CT, FL (FL Lic.# A2500098), DE & KS

EventCo Productions is a full-spectrum event planning, production and entertainment company that designs, plans and produces original, events. To date EventCo Productions has maintained our trend-setting reputation by exceeding clients’ expectations. We confidently approach every aspect of their needs and objectives, while working within their budget parameters.

EventCo’s passion, energy, and spirit pump through the heart of every event, taking you out of the ordinary and into the exciting. EventCo is ONE company that customizes each aspect of your affair with a “can-do” attitude. We listen to you and every request you make. We get inside your head, allowing us to create a continuity of magical elements that go into each and every production. We will be there from concept to clean-up, directing every aspect of the event.

Whether you need sizzling entertainment, theatrical illumination, omniscient fare and libations, or decor and floral details that you have only dreamed of...we are experienced in every facet of event planning and can most certainly “crank it up and make it happen!” and EventCo’s promise...YOUR event will always outshine the rest!

Let EventCo and ASISS design, plan, produce, secure, and manage your next event.

To visit our website just click on the link: EventCo-USA

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