Licensed, Bonded & Insured, NY (NYS DOS, Div. Lic. Svcs) NJ, CT, FL (FL Lic.# A2500098), DE & KS

ASISS is committed to expanding our services and reducing the time it takes for American businesses to conduct background checks. We understand the critical need to provide you quality information at reasonable prices and in a short time frame.

We focus on Instant Background Checks via our Web Portal and Gateways. Non-Instant information is available to complement these searches but we recommend initially screening your candidates with our Instant Data Scans.
By conducting background checks on your employees you are doing your part to provide a safe environment for your employees, friends, and families.

Recent improvements in technology have made it possible for the small business or individual to afford quality background checks. The ASISS Gateways allow you to conduct Instant Screening for reasonable fees.

Our goal is to provide U.S. businesses Hassle Free Background Checks. It is important to know the history of the people you are trusting.

Please contact ASISS to setup an online account.

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