Licensed, Bonded & Insured, NY (NYS DOS, Div. Lic. Svcs) NJ, CT, FL (FL Lic.# A2500098), DE & KS

ASISS EVENT COMMAND VEHICLE (ECV) is a multi-purpose vehicle used during special events and major incidents.


We are living in extraordinary and unpredictable times; preparing for unforeseen events and/or emergencies can reduce fear, anxiety, and losses. The event command vehicle is designed to provide timely support to ASISS personnel in the field during the early stages of a special event, grand opening or major incident. It is equipped with a base radio and 40 field programmable point-to-point portable radios with surveillance headsets, CCTV control center, satellite dish, internet access, four flat screen T.V. monitors, sound system, 35,000 watts peck power inverters, one portable x-ray machine, two portable walk-through metal detectors, four hand-held metal detectors, seating capacity for 17 passengers (excluding the driver seat), three A/C units, steel safe, first aid kits, flood lights, large rear storage area, individual overhead storage compartments, internal & external P.A. system, navigational system, emergency light package, and more.

ASISS is dedicated to earning your confidence and future business.

"Your Safety Is Our First Priority".
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